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I want to stay at Arsenal : Gunners

It’s a tough one because he’s not had a lot of chances to show if he can pull it off in England and his position is an area that’s heavily scrutinised and often exposed, a terrible combo that’s ruined many signings.

He certainly resembles the type of CB Arteta will want going forward but it’s also down to who’s playing next to you. His natural lack of sharp pace can be exposed if there isn’t the right players around him and the CB and DM positions simply cannot continue to be a weak point if we are to recover.

That being said, I can’t see us turning down the option to buy him, we probably showed a clear intention to do so from the start which helped us get him on loan when he was so crucial in Brazil. If we sold Sokratis and another one, Mustafi probably, and added proven quality to bolster the midfield, it could work with Arteta’s guidance. Most of our signings will have a higher risk element as we cannot afford the proven quality we need in key areas.

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