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Interesting. Arsenal announce that they will redeem their fixed rate bonds, financed by a loan provided by KSE #AFC : Gunners

For an easier to read translation, a twitter user gave a fairly good summary in replies:

‘KSE is feeding arsenal capital, and arsenal are going through the proper steps of making it official and calling it a loan to avoid repercussions that can come from doing this process improperly (i.e. manchester city)‘

For my own take: Basically, money that Arsenal owed to external bondholders, is now owed to KSE instead. KSE are then able to stipulate repayment methods, requirements, timing, and interest of repayment.

At a very cautiously optimistic level, this means KSE have better facilitated investment from the club for this summer, as they have given us far greater financial security. KSE essentially have invested.

Edit: I have a few concerns, mainly being that KSE can effectively now dictate interest levels on the loan from the club (and if they were truly horrible they could look to make large sums from this), as well as issues involving us not yet knowing the reasoning behind the move (whether it’s cause we’re in serious financial trouble or because we will invest this summer). We’ll have to wait and see. For all we know, this just moves to secure financial security for the club, and does not actually lead to increased transfer spending.

Read the replies in this comment thread for further hesitations/issues.

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