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“It is difficult to imagine my future at Lyon. Today, I need to play matches consistently. I hear that I need to wait for exits in order to get a starting spot. But that is not the project that was sold to me when I came last summer.” : Gunners

Don’t really see any way we go in for him; too expensive not to mention he’s looking for the sorts of assurances that Arteta won’t give him. Also just a strange move on his part, it looks like he’s in line to take on a big role assuming they sell Aouar and he’s not willing to wait the month to see how that plays out? Just seems like there’s something unreliable there from a personality/character standpoint, which is very much not the direction we’re looking in recruitment right now.

Upside for us could be that maybe Lyon take a little more interest in Guendouzi now that one of their main Aouar replacements is unsettled.

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