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Koscielny flooring a bitch every day until we play a game: Day 1

I’ve seen the other people doing these add some text for context, so I think I’ll do the same – but with a twist. I’m just gonna guess what happened based on memory and probability. For three reasons:

  1. Laziness

  2. Fun (Join in, guys!)

  3. It’s literally impossible to do otherwise.

I did actually try to get to the bottom of this, but I simply couldn’t for 45 minutes. The stripe on our arms made it easy to spot that this was during 2012/13/14. But who on earth was the Tottenham striker with his arms in the air wearing number 10? Adebayor had the shirt for years, but I was like 99% sure he was black. I searched and searched and searched but couldn’t find anything that matched.

40 minutes in it hit me. Ahh, it was a game against Fulham. It wasn’t.

But yeah, I got it now – 10 and 20 as strikers, a #16 that looks a lot like Michael Carrick and a Nani-colored number 17, makes this look like a home game against Manchester United. Don’t want to talk about the game. Van Persie scored a shit opening goal in both our games against them that season and I cannot be bothered to look up which it is. At least Koscielny floored the bitch.

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