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Mikel Arteta on signing Thomas Partey : Gunners

Thought the question at 0:30 and 0:50 was the interesting part, although it just confirms our assumptions.

Q: So do you think he would give you more options in terms of system?

A: He allows us to play more formations and can fit into different positions in those formations.

Q: Is there something specific(regarding system)?

A: I have a few things in mind that i want to start to train with the team, and it’s gonne give us more adaptibility and balance in defending and attacking transitions and setup structure to attack better.

I think it means we’re training a new formation, assuming 4-3-3.

You reckon we’ll see it quite soon? I’d personally be surprised if we saw it against City. Maybe we’ll see it in the cups against Rapid Wien, or will we save Partey for the league in the beginning?

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