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Not entirely Arsenal related but this thread gives a good explanation why clubs aren’t able to spend freely and why getting both, Partey and Aouar will be tough for Arsenal. : Gunners

How much would we spend then?

Sales don’t provide the entirety of our budget. They increase it. We’ve already sold Emi for £20m. We have some players we are struggling to shift or to get money for, but their wages along for a number of them will be a big boost to get rid of. Kola is expected to go because Arteta has already commented on his reasons. Torreira is likely to go with hopefully the future promise of a fee that we can rely on. And if we can build some good grace into that deal to ease Partey our way, as well as keep low balling Lyon until the cave cause we kinda know they need money…

Emi, Torreira, Kola, Papa, maybe Mustafi – this lot is probably over half the budget we’d need if we can shift them plus a combined wage probably significantly more than the two players we want in (especially when you factor in Mkhi)

What I’m saying is it is achievable. Likely? Probably not. Should we get our hopes up? Definitely not. But it would require some shrewd business moves and that’s one of the foundations of building a great side without having bottomless pockets.

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