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Ornstein on Willian situation. : Gunners

Willian’s situation is becoming clearer very rapidly. Previously the options in front of him were:

  1. Extending his contract with Chelsea

  2. Leaving as a free agent and joining one of three clubs: #AFC, Barca or Inter Miami.

Options now reduced to Arsenal & unnamed club.

A formal offer of three-year deal is imminent from #AFC. Willian is most inclined to take that offer, although no final decision has been made.

Willian’s preference to take this offer is not driven by money as #AFC offer is not the most lucrative on the table.

What’s appealing to Willian about Arsenal is Arteta and Edu. Edu because of the Brazilian connection but especially Arteta is appealing to Willian.

Arteta wants to sign Willian and has asked for him to be signed. He sees him as someone who could bring experience, winning mentality and help mentoring the youth.

Deal is ‘not as lucrative’ as others offering.

From Ornsteins podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/sa/podcast/willian-sancho-transfer-news-plus-newcastle-takeover/id1488521447?i=1000487040108

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