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Pete has been involved in 16 goals this season. Stop hating, keep backing the lad, first season and he’s doing great. : Gunners

It’s alright, nothing particularly special. Especially considering the price we paid for him.

On his day he’s great, but he’s wildly inconsistent unfortunately and far too often puts in abject performances. He needs to step up more often if he’s going to become a big player for us. We’ve had a lot of wingers over the years who have managed 5 goals off the flanks and most of them don’t get spoken about anymore. If he wants to make a name for himself here I think he’ll have to find more end product and better decision making in the final third.

Talented lad for sure, hell of a shot on him. Hope he can find ways to perform more often though. I want to see less 5/10 performances going forward.

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