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[RESULTS] Post Match Ratings | Liverpool 3

Honestly, I think so. The game changed immediately once Ceballos came on. Either Elneny or Xhaka should not have started, and I’m leaning toward Elneny. He’s not error prone, and makes smart passes, but literally adds nothing else to the squad. As well, I think we’ve learned that Willian’s game against Fulham won’t be representative of his career at Arsenal, and so I think Pepe should get the majority of the minutes there.

I would’ve liked to see Tierney pushed out to the left, since AMN wasn’t present for a few periods during the game.

All-in-all I don’t think we fielded a side that was prepared to take on Liverpool, but that’s incredibly hard to do with our personnel. To be fair though, we haven’t had the personnel to field the starting XI we want to anyway.

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