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Revealed: Cagigao’s shock Arsenal axe a result of Edu recruitment review, whilst the 55 redundancies have nothing to do with the scouting revamp

There may be some merit to this. Per and Edu did it in the academy 3 (2 actually but point still stands) years ago and well the results are in front of us! I think we can all attest that our scouting whole good is nowhere near the level it should be for a club of our stature. Football is a fast moving business, sometimes fresh blood and change is needed.

Sick of people pretending like Edu isn’t an Arsenal man who wants what’s best for the club, we know that he undoubtedly IS.

The only sticking point would be for me where are the 55 redundancies then? Who is becoming redundant exactly and why? That’s not on Edu or Raul though, that’s completely the non football side of things headed by the Kroenkes, Tim Lewis who’s their lawyer and I suspect Vinai.

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