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Seen a lot of links to not just Partey but Roca as well, thoughts on signing both? : Gunners

I’m not keen on Roca. I personally wouldn’t go for him for anything more than £25M for this Arsenal side, mostly because he doesn’t offer anything that this squad lacks in midfield, and even then I’m not sure he’d be able to outdo Xhaka. I also think he’s regressed a lot next to this current Espanyol side. I think with our finances, expectations and requirements he would be a massive risk.

It’s a shame Denis Suarez didn’t work out for us, because he’s absolutely bossing the midfield for Vigo. Their midfield as a whole is stunning.

I was seriously happy when I saw the rumors that we were interested in Enis Bardhi. Granted, I only watched him 3 times this season, but I think he has all the qualities that we need. I read somewhere that Levante had an option on his contract for this next season, and Arsenal were going to pick him up on a free, but Levante are apparently just going to exercise his option and keep him. He probably wouldn’t cost more than £15M, either way.

So many interesting and cheap options out there that can link defense and attack for us in midfield, but I just don’t see us going after. Seko Fofana, is another B2B that is legitimately carrying Udinese at times. I’m shocked really. We have no money, sure. But why do we keep getting linked with these giant names? If we don’t have money, why are we enquiring and scouting these 40M+ players and ignoring all these other options that would join us in a heartbeat?

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