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Sensible Transfers: Arsenal : Gunners

I don’t think we could bring Partey, if we couldn’t get Ceballos as loan. Arsenal needs two CM/DM, when Torreira & Guendoui, Ozil are out of the squad.

It means, we have to recruit two CMs in our team. If Ceballos is gone, we have to pay the money for 2 CMs. In this case, we couldn’t spend 50M for Partey. Even I doubt we could chase Gabriel in this case.

All transfer activities will be depended on Ceballos. If we couldn’t bring him as loan, we should change whole our transfer plan.

And tbh, now peoeple will know why we are a bit lucky to get Willian as free. We couldn’t spend money on winger even if it’s one of our priorities.

I think Coutinho could be serious option, if we couldn’t get Ceballos. Arteta hinted that he will use Ceballos as more advanced role. If we couldn’t get him, just bring such attacking mid who could cover that area. And should bring tough DM who could be paired with Xhaka. Coutinho isn’t balanced midfielder as no.8.

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