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The Anti-Gooner Ref Conspiracy : Gunners

The Mike Riley highlights from the Utd game that broke the 49 unbeaten has gotten me:

A) Fired up B) Curious about the supposed referee conspiracy against us.

Certainly it has almost always felt like a conspiracy, even when that prick Mike Dean isn’t officiating. But I’ve always dismissed my own intuitions as nothing more than bias.

Didn’t someone post a very good metric re: penalties awarded/minutes? It was essentially every team – DAYLIGHT – then us toiling at the bottom.

Curious to see if someone can dig this up and whether it holds up against other metrics I.e. time in opp. box or any related metrics to this conspiracy

Aforementioned highlights for the masochists out there – https://youtu.be/mM747L9Wf8M

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