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[The Athletic] ‘I have not much respect for Arsenal off the pitch’

Key points:

There was a move to stop City from appealing their ban in time to play in the CL next year. City believe Arsenal were the ringleaders behind this approach to CAS.

Arsenal are a major backer for FFP. City are it’s biggest detractor. Each is frustrated by the others actions.

City believe that the approach for Arteta was handled disrespectfully. Arsenal believe they followed all the rules to the letter.

My take on a couple bits. Chelsea and City’s cash injection model effectively killed Arsenals operating model, and permanently destroyed the market for players. Top players suddenly moved into unobtainable brackets, whilst very good ones could be hoarded by top teams in a way only maybe Madrid could do before. Barca have tried to compete in this, and as a result are almost bankrupt. Arsenal haven’t tried to compete with it, and are currently mid table. I can see why we would try and stick the knife in at every opportunity, although it does feel crass.

I find peps dismay at the way we handled the Arteta situation deeply hypocritical. I don’t remember too many complaints when he snagged Cesc. Likewise, the CAS appeal seems to get City off on a technicality. City might, just, be able to say they followed the letter of the rules, if not the spirit. Arsenal are saying the same thing about Arteta. We followed the letter of the rules, if not in a way you’d hope. Seems a bit much for them to ever cry foul, a bit like how a tax evading millionaire might decry ‘benefit scroungers.’

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