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The captain is now the manager, and now going up against his former boss. Feeling super stoked for this game tonight. COYG!!! : Gunners

Bit of a story behind this jersey. I started following arsenal in 2010 when I was finishing up my degree in Australia. I was travelling to Europe for the first time and itching to watch a game while there. Managed to catch the team vs Dortmund and this was when I bought this jersey. At the time, having not followed the team for so long and with Theo and RVP tentative on staying on at the club, i didn’t want to get their names on my jersey in case they left.

Fast forward to 2020, I’m working in Amsterdam now and fly across to catch what turns out to be the last game before iso against Westham. This time I know who exactly I want on my 2010 jersey.

I draw a lot of inspiration from Arteta’s journey and this jersey as it applies to staying focussed,being a great leader, professionalism and always striving for the next level. Can’t wait for the game tonight, with no home crowd, anything could happen!

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