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Those saying Arsenal don’t spend money. They certainly do. The wage bill is presently about £225m. Totally unsustainable in middle of a pandemic when playing behind closed doors and broadcast deals are being part refunded : Gunners

From Ozil’s deal (that Wenger didn’t want to give), to signing Willian on a 3 year deal at 192k pounds per week, to giving David Luiz another year at 100k pounds, getting Cedric when we have AMN, to having 8 CBs and still needing KT to play a role at CB, to Sead being on 100k, Pepe being our biggest signing and unable to get off the bench (see: Willian), Mustafi at 90k (and a cost of 30m?), to Torreira being played as CAM and potentially being loaned out for only a 2m fee, EL NENY IS STILL IN THE FUCKING SQUAD AND STARTING,…

It’s beyond shit spending and shit squad management…

Also, just WHO the fuck is in charge these days? I feel like someone is newly assigned to continuously shift blame.

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