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v. Crystal Palace, 2018. : Gunners

Seems like this is one of those plays that Özil just conjures up through his own force of will. He meanders through the defense, signaling with his run where he wants everything like a obsessive productivity manager. Pass here. Give it back. Take the shot. Nice.

More fun facts about this match:

  • To quote the BBC match report, “most of the news about Arsenal in the days leading up to this win was about players who were not to feature at Emirates Stadium.” Alexis Sanchez was left out, as his trade to United was imminent, and Gunners fans were still hoping a late deal for Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang might come through.

  • As you can see on the clock, Arsenal scored 4 goals in the opening 22 minutes.

  • Nacho Monreal had a fascinating day. He scored our first goal, assisted the next two, and was then substituted after 34 minutes with an injury.

  • Mesut Özil made 51 of his 56 passes inside the Palace half.

  • Alexandre Lacazette’s strike was the 500th by French players for Arsenal in the Premier League (excluding own goals). That’s 358 more than any other side in the competition.

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