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v. Liverpool, 2015. : Gunners

Arsenal’s 4-1 win vs. Liverpool was a classic match for the Gunners. (You can watch the highlights here.) Three great goals in eight first-half minutes basically ended the thing right there, and the win took us into second place while essentially ruining Liverpool’s top-four hopes. I feel this match was also the moment where Özil really came into his own as an Arsenal player. He scored a great free kick, terrorized Kolo Toure thoughout, and, of course, provided key passes for most of Arsenal’s goals. This lazy, floating cross to Giroud probably should have been Arsenal’s fifth, but Mingolet, a keeper I’ve always had a weird soft spot for, gets a good hand to it to tip it over.

Fun facts about this game:

  • Hector Bellerín put the home side ahead with the second goal of his Arsenal career.

  • On the same note, Emre Can received the first red card of his Liverpool career.

  • There are three players out of the 26 that featured in this game that are still with their respective clubs. Özil, Bellerín, and Henderson. Interestingly, they were also all on the scoresheet.

  • Fans of both Liverpool and Arsenal staged a protest before the game about rising ticket prices.

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