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v. Spurs, 2016. : Gunners

I know it’s kind of hard to see what happens here, so let me paint a picture: Özil picks up the ball from Welbs right next to the touchline, and casually shields it from Danny Rose and Dele for about 5 minutes. When he’s finished, he finds Hector Bellerin with a no-look flick. It’s not often I say “I wish I could have been sitting with Spurs fans,” but the ones in the crowd here must get such a good view of this humiliation of their players.

Fun facts:

  • This was an exciting but not totally satisfying game, as we drew 2-2 with Tottenham on a rainy March night. The Gunners showed good character after being sent down to ten men, as Alexis Sanchez scored an important and hilarious equalizer in the 76th minute.

  • David Ospina made nine saves in this match, the most by a Gunners’ goalkeeper in a Premier League game since Lukasz Fabianski (also 9) v. Liverpool in April 2009.

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