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Yves Bissouma is the second player to commit six or more fouls in a game against Arsenal this season without getting booked (after Jordan Ayew for Palace). It’s only happened two times in total this season for all the other teams. : Gunners

Teams know they can get away with whatever they want against us because all of the EPL refs dismiss our players as soft foreigners who can’t play muh hard proper football. Started under Wenger because we were the first to really import players at that scale, got especially bad when Project Youth started and it wasn’t just foreigners but weak young foreigners and we never shook it even though the entire league is the same now.

If we give it back even half as much and they’ll brandish a card like it’s nothing. Easy to show ‘steel in midfield’ when you can hack players down and basically get cheered on by the ref.

It’s fucking bullshit and it’s never going to stop.

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