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v. Watford, 2018. : Gunners

I’m conflicted about the 19/20 Premier League season. Both as an Arsenal fan and as a humanity > broadcast revenue kind of person, I feel like the season should be voided. Give Liverpool a trophy with a massive asterisk attached to it, and use PPG for the table. We finish in 8th, just above Tottenham, and everyone’s happy. But as someone whose dad supports Leeds and who has been posting these passes for almost two month, I would also like to believe the reports about a June return. I can sign off on this series, Leeds can get promoted and my dad can stop drinking so heavily, and who knows; maybe we feel right at home in the silent stadiums and manage to finish fourth. Whatever the case may be, I’m hoping we get some concrete answers from the league soon. Until then, here’s a sexy flick from the Watford game.

Fun facts about this game can be found here.

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