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Our midfield is in a worse state than our defence. We have a better defensive record than Chelsea and Spurs but have scored fewer goals than all the traditional “Big Six”. Conceded just 10 goals more than City, but they have scored 40 more than us : Gunners

The two are always going to be linked to one another, but when we have to depend on players like Luiz & Mustafi, with no one to rotate with, we’ll always be in trouble. I think the big problem with Mustafi the other night was exhaustion. You can’t play him every three days for weeks on end and not expect him to eventually break down from the strain. I’m still not sure why Arteta didn’t use Sokratis or Holding (Holding for Kola) when it was obvious that Mustafi was totally gassed (Papa for Musti)?

The difference between our defense and Chelsea/Shit isn’t exactly huge, same deal in regards to goals scored, at least compared to Shit. Even in Wenger’s worst season ever we still managed to score a lot of goals (74 goals scored in 2018), we were just shit at keeping them out of the back of our own net. If we had a better midfield we would concede a lot less goals, but we still need a couple of central defenders that are competent in 1v1 situations.

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