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walking in a winter wonderland v. Liverpool, 2017. : Gunners

One of my favorite Arsenal memories of recent years, and a fitting one for the anniversary of the title win at Anfield, everything about this go-ahead Özil goal is electric. (And fortunately, there’s an Özil pass in the build-up, so by my own rules I can post it.) It’s wonderfully direct play—just a ball into Lacazette followed by a tricky lay-off and a chopped finish. And I love the scenes afterward too, so much so that I broke my own rules and left in the celebrations after the clip. Having the Martin Tyler commentary would be even sweeter, but I couldn’t find a HD, non-region-blocked video with sound. Like a lot of great Arsenal moments, this one comes tinged with some melancholy—in this case, the fact that we only drew the match. But it’s a great, great moment regardless.

Fun facts:

  • In the last eight PL meetings between these teams, there have been 39 goals scored. (13 for Arsenal, 26 for Liverpool.) That’s an average of 4.9 per game.

  • There were just 388 seconds between Mo Salah putting Liverpool 2-0 up and this goal to make it 3-2 to Arsenal.

  • Arsenal conceded seven goals in two league games against Liverpool in this season. In only one Premier League campaign have the Gunners conceded more against an opponent (10 against Man Utd in 2011-12). We did score three against Liverpool in each of those two league games, it should be said.

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