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What’s Going On At Arsenal? : Gunners

What’s going on is – the team is quite dysfunctional. I know the defence is a mess so I won’t go into that but even the attack isn’t convincing. The number of times xhaka or cebellos( less so recently) choose to spray the ball wide or pass it back rather than find that needle pass to Auba/forwards is too high. The same goes for the forwards as they simply don’t position themselves in a way to receive such balls from midfield/ fullbacks. I’ve seen Auba and tierney not overlap and have a lot of misunderstanding in the game.

Our attack can be summed up as such: Pass from midfield to wings, who will pass it back to the midfield. These things need to be ironed out and we just don’t seem like a well oiled machine. It’s up to Arteta to make the attack organised.

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