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William #Saliba will no longer play in Green for lack of agreement between @Arsenal and the @ASSEofficiel . Everyone can blame themselves, but there is only one victim in this case: the player! We will win it for you Wilo !! #ASSE : Gunners

To be honest, part of me thinks we have not acted in the players interests in this situation.

Firstly, before COVID, he was easily going to play more than 17 games and the £2.5 million fee would have been paid. It is not ASSE’s fault that COVID happened and I actually don’t think it’s too unreasonable for them to try and get that fee considering they’re in a much worse financial situation than us. Still I get why Arsenal refused to let them have it.

Secondly, on a footballing note, I think our demands were ridiculous. Reports of us wanting him to travel back and forth between the UK and France in the weeks before the game to ‘monitor his fitness’. That’s not how you prefer for a cup final, and also that’s not very responsible during the whole COVID landscape.

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