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3 implications from David Luiz contract extension

Arsenal, David Luiz (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Arsenal are rumored to be picking up the one-year extension on David Luiz, so here are three implications from that move, assuming it happens.

Arsenal‘s defense is in a confusing place right now. With the same personnel that drove us into a goal-surrendering ditch, we’ve now turned around and shaped up into a top-three Premier League defense. All through the power of Mikel Arteta.

That’s crazy to think about, but it’s crazier still yet to plan accordingly for what happens next. Do we keep going with the current cast, since they’re performing so well, until they fall back into the same habits? Or do we keep improving and overhaul the defense?

If David Luiz really is looking at another year at the Emirates, we can glean a lot of details from it. I had been assuming that we would see Luiz, Sokratis, and Shkodran Mustafi all leaving the club this summer, but if even one stays, that changes the perspective of everything. Especially if we’re hoping to see someone like Dayot Upamecano.

And so, with that in mind, here are three immediate implications, assuming that Luiz is set to stay for one more year.

3. No complete overhaul

The obvious one. Like I said, I was banking on all three defenders being sold this summer. Not necessarily because I wanted all three to be sold, but just because it seemed like the smartest and most sensible way forward.

Now, even if we keep Luiz, it’s harder to see what the plan is. If we go out and spend money on someone like Upamecano, I can’t imagine we also kept Luiz to not play. Meaning that Luiz would then remain to be paired with that new signing, leaving William Saliba out in the cold. And Calum Chambers for that matter, when he returns.

The thought was that Arsenal would be entering next season (whenever that may be) with a completely new backline—Dayot Upamecano and Saliba, or even two new signings. If we extend David Luiz, that isn’t coming.

And honestly, I’m kind of okay with that. But more on that at No. 2 and 1. First up, No. 2.

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