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Aubameyang to Manchester United literally the end of the world

Premier League teams are “lining up” to snag Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal. Nope. Never again. Not a chance. End this right now before it starts.

Arsenal will likely have to line up the sale of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer. With Champions League still on the fence, perhaps even more now that the season is on hold, the chance that we can actually pay him what he wants and provide the level of competition is… slim.

Even if he wants to stay. He can need something much bigger than that, something we just might not be able to provide.

Up until now, the rumor had been that Aubameyang would be headed to Spain to link up with either Barcelona or Real Madrid. That wasn’t so awful to think about. The financial return would be stellar, and since we weren’t going to be in the Champions League, we wouldn’t have to see him on the opposite side of the pitch.

Now, things have escalated at the announcement that he will only cost £50m, not the aforementioned £70m.

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According to recent reports, Manchester United and Chelsea are both lining up bids for the Gabonese striker, which would mean seeing him far more often than we’d like.

There was a time when this wouldn’t be a surprise. When Arsenal consistently sold their best players to their direct rivals—Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, they all got a piece of what would have made (and kept) this club great.

Nowadays, with the club trying to get back to that level of play, they cannot, under any circumstances, sell Aubameyang to a rival club. I don’t care if they offer twice as much as Barcelona or Real Madrid, you cannot sell him to any team that can immediately hurt us.

If that happens, you are essentially lowering the team back into the lessened state that we were in when we kept repeating that habit. The Dark Ages. Though we were still qualifying for the Champions League regularly, we were not competing for titles. Instead, all our stars were… elsewhere.

Not that we all need a reminder, but Robin van Persie went through this exact same thing. Repeating would be a crime against the fandom.

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On the bright side, I don’t think even Aubameyang would want to do that. Not if he actually cares about the club as much as it appears he does. We just need the management to be as sensible.

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