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3 facts that make Nicolas Pepe a resounding success

Arsenal, Nicolas Pepe (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

Arsenal hasn’t had the most fun since returning to action, but Nicolas Pepe’s value continues to solidify, and here are three undeniable facts to prove it.

Arsenal‘s season has thrown a new screw into the equation. After failing under Unai Emery at the start of the season and succeeding under Mikel Arteta, they are now failing under Mikel Arteta. So naturally, the big question I want to answer is—was Nicolas Pepe worth the price?

This is something I’ve been covering throughout the course of the year as Pepe continues to evolve as an attacker and as an overall threat. It’s largely been improving, but there have been some issues as well. Some frustrations.

For a record-signing, you are inevitably going to be expecting the world from him. Because no good fan would be caught dead expecting any less than absolutely everything.

Arsenal won with Nicolas Pepe, and here is why

Even with that being impossible to deliver, I am yet again here to deliver the hard facts. No more opinion. No more speculation. Just facts. Facts that prove that Nicolas Pepe is worth every bit of what we paid for him and nothing less.

Let’s start with fact No. 3.

3. He creates from nothing

There are a lot of things this Arsenal attack does right without Nicolas Pepe. No matter who is out there, the attacking build-up is always quite strong and cohesive. These players combine well, they build together, they play together.

The big downfall of that is if one little thing goes wrong, you lose it all. One dent in the machine and your attack falls apart.

You can’t rely on an attack that is so easily disrupted, and that’s what Nicolas Pepe does right. He is the only guy on this team that can create from nothing. While he can fit in with the cohesive build-up play, he can also just do it all on his own. He’s our best dribbler, arguably our best shot from wide and distant angles and all in all, our best individualized threat. He’s what we’ve not had in years. So yeah, he’s worth it for that reason alone.

On to No. 2.

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