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3 problems if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stays

Arsenal has reportedly offered Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang the first official contract extension. But here are three problems if he stays.

Despite all the rumors and all the hearsay and all the jibber-jabber about what Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang may or may not be doing with his future at Arsenal; despite all the talk of him leaving and rejecting contract extensions, it’s now being said that there has yet to even be a formal contract extension offer from one party to the other.

Just goes to show, yet again, how stupid transfer rumors can be, because it makes sense that, after all this time, Aubameyang’s future is still up in the air. Mostly because it’s still so unclear what will happen with the Gunners this season, which also means that Aubameyang’s future can’t be determined yet.

But if an offer is being made soon, which another report indicates it will be made soon, then the Gunners are getting a bit audacious and, maybe, ahead of themselves. Because although it would be a thrilling announcement to make, it also presents some problems for the club.

Arsenal could face these 3 problems if Aubameyang stays

Because no move is ever all good, is it? Let’s talk about the three issues the club may face if they decide to keep Aubameyang beyond this year. We start with an annoying, yet must be mentioned No. 3.

3. Wages

In literally every list I have ever written for Pain in the Arsenal, there always has to be some mention of money or fees or wages, and this list is no different. If Arsenal extend Aubameyang, he will get a raise, which is more burden on an already broken wage structure, unfortunately.

There’s just a whole lot of unfortuantely’s going around here because this is just not a club with the kinds of financial resources that they to stay level with the other big clubs, so they have to get creative in keeping their competitiveness at the top of the table.

By that standard, Aubameyang is a blessing and a curse. Sure, we’d love to have him, he’s incredibly talented. But who do we miss out on by paying him more than we can probably afford?

On to No. 2.

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