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3 ways Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang sale can go wrong

Arsenal, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images)

Arsenal will likely have to sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer. A lot of positives can come from this sale, but here are three ways it can go wrong.

The headlines have transformed from Thomas Partey almost certainly joining Arsenal to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang almost certainly leaving. Perhaps the two aren’t exactly unrelated. But it still has to actually happen. We still have to meet Partey’s release clause and we still have to actually sell Aubameyang.

Of course, there are tons of things to consider when talking about selling Aubameyang and what happens before and after that. He’s been one of our most consistent players since his arrival and as our top goalscorer, it would be expected that he make a dent in the team’s ability to produce goals if he were to be sold.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are resources at the club and resources abroad that could stymie that expected downturn in goal production if there even is one.

The point is, all of this has to be done right. So let’s get into the three main ways this sale can go horribly wrong.

3. Sell him cheap

Not going to lie, I don’t think that £50m is the right price for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He’s the Premier League golden boot winner and he’s still got years left in the tank. I mean, the guy still does backflips after every goal. Pretty sure he can score goals until he’s 40.

That £50m is a step down from the £70m that was initially reported when he was first linked to Barcelona and Real Madrid. £70m feels right on the mark. As one of the best strikers in the world, no matter his age, he should command a pretty dazzling fee.

It’s also concerning that his price is falling. It does seem to have bottomed out at £50m, but this could all go wrong if we start flirting with a lower price. Bare minimum, and it’s not even a happy minimum, if his sale can cover the costs of purchasing Partey then we should be content. Content, but not happy.

Price is a big deal with a club that’s seemingly always hurting for transfer funds.

On to No. 2.

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