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5 key players in homecoming fixture

Arsenal, Nicolas Pepe (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

After much ado, Arsenal finally returns to the Emirates for a home match against bottom-feeding Norwich City. Here are five key players to securing three points.

Just when you might have thought Arsenal were going to stumble their way to the finish line, they put in two really telling efforts. Against Southampton, they kept a clean sheet and put together a fairly conclusive match to earn their first three points since the restart.

Then came Sheffield United, in a match that was very clearly in the FA Cup yet still played like the Premier League. After carrying a lead well into the match, they gave up a shifty goal right at the end but, rather than quake and falter, they held it together and nicked a goal right at the end to move on to the semifinals.

My friends, I can smell the momentum! Two wins in a row! Four goals in that span to just one surrendered. We are rolling and we have Norwich next. Norwich, who are sitting in dead last in the Premier League, yet will undoubtedly show up for this match.

Regardless, the Gunners have the resources to make this, hopefully, a pretty comfortable affair. Even with all the injuries they’re currently dealing with.

So let’s jump right in with our five key players to the match, starting with No. 5.

5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

If there is one thing I know about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, it’s that he doesn’t not score goals for long. Three straight matches without a goal is ridiculous for him, and it means he is getting wound up for at least one goal here.

However, while Aubameyang hasn’t been bad outside of not scoring goals, he hasn’t been great either, and he’s probably keenly aware of that. He’s also likely keenly aware of Mikel Arteta‘s short leash on everyone. And with an abundance of attackers at his disposal, he needs to get back to scoring or Bukayo Saka might start replacing him on a more permanent basis.

That said, Aubameyang is Aubameyang, and when you put him up to a challenge, chances are he’s going to achieve what’s needed.

On to No. 4.

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