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Away problems are a thing of the past : Gunners

Great article. You really paid attention to the game.

I agree with your frustrations with AMN. He’s played at RB so much better than Bellerin this season. Some curiosities have arisen from this game like why was AMN was put back into RB or technically RWB if he made it clear he didn’t want to play in that position which seemingly Arteta has acquiesced to shown by playing Sokratis at RB instead. Is the difference between RB and RWB significant enough for Arteta and AMN that it’s not a problem for either? AMN was very attacking so maybe. Is this only a one time thing or something reserved to when we are playing 3 atb? Perhaps the rumours didn’t get it right and it was just a training or attitude problem rather than a simple displeasure at playing a certain position. I guess we don’t know as much as we thought. But I think Bellerin still can get back to his best. I think with all the injuries he’s had it should take him by the start of next season to get up to speed. At that point in time if he doesn’t get his shit together then he probably has to go. But for now I think giving him the benefit of the doubt is prudent.

I also agree with the Emi Martinez point. Some of the best distribution I’ve seen from a goalkeeper this game in the few years I’ve been watching football. He might not be a good a shot stopper as Leno but I think Martinez’s distribution is probably better and I’ll be damned if Martinez doesn’t give Leno some problems getting back into the starting XI.

And yes fuck Steve McMananananablah. Gotta take what most commentators say with a massive pinch of salt when it comes to us as they are more critical with us than they are with any other team.

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