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5 reasons Serge Gnabry the worst bit of transfer business ever

Arsenal, Serge Gnabry (Photo credit should read ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Arsenal sold Serge Gnabry nearly four years ago, but even still he remains as the worst bit of transfer business this club has ever conducted.

Arsenal have had their fair share of shoddy transfer dealings. Mostly when it comes to selling players for well, well below their value, or to a team that then uses our former guys against us. And most of those instances came during the dark days of paying off the Emirates.

Whether it was Cesc Fabregas, or Robin van Persie, or Samir Nasri, there was a lot of bad business. Some of which have since been papered over (keyword ‘papered’), some of which still sparks bad blood.

But no matter who is in question, their transfer business cannot compete with that of Serge Gnabry, the German wonderkid and full-time Gooner who now bangs skulls at Bayern Munich. He was recently spotted wearing an Arsenal kit on Instagram and ever since, fans are dreaming.

In fact, I am feeling so masochistic today that I’m going to retrace the five main reasons why he stands alone as the worst bit of transfer business ever. And why, hopefully, he can be the last truly rendering move the club will ever see.

We start with No. 5.

5. That price…

We had issues with selling players for cheap. This was exemplified when fans celebrated the sale of Alex Iwobi simply because we got a decent fee for him.

But for Serge Gnabry, the extraordinary young talent that should have been our starting right-winger, we got a measly £5m.

£5m! I feel like Bayern Munich should have pity on us and send another £50m our way just for allowing him to end up at their club. That’s how things work these days right? We’re all giving and helping each other out. And, since we didn’t have Gnabry, we had to buy Nicolas Pepe, so if Bayern could forward us another £72m, I’ll call it square.

It wouldn’t make this all better. Not by a long shot. But at least I could sleep a little bit better at night knowing that we have some kind of financial recompense for losing one of the most talented young players we’ve ever had.

Speaking of which, No. 4.

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