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Luka Jovic mishaps seem to be firing transfer interest

Arsenal has reportedly ramped up their interest in bringing in Luka Jovic, yet again following a rather bizarre quarantine mishap.

Arsenal‘s interest in Luka Jovic makes complete sense. Given the relatively likely scenario where they sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and/or Alexandre Lacazette, they are going to need some kind of replacement that can be the new pair to Eddie Nketiah.

The reason why Luka Jovic makes so much sense is because he’s the ideal Lacazette replacement. He plays the same hold-up style of play that we need, where he’s comfortable with his back to the goal, but he’s younger, has more time to grow into the role, and is much more malleable. Plus, Lacazette just hasn’t materialized the way we would have liked.

But what makes Arsenal’s transfer interest particularly interesting is that there seems to be a spike every time Luka Jovic has a… well, let’s say a “mishap.” Which has been happening rather frequently.

Arsenal are preying on Luka Jovic’s mishaps

It started when Jovic broke quarantine to go back to Serbia. He was soon after criticized for heading towards ruining his career and after that, interest surged. The first talk of the Gunners offering up a potential swap deal—Aubameyang for Jovic.

Then things quieted. And they stayed quiet. There wasn’t much talk of a transfer or a swap or anything. But all of a sudden, rumors have indicated that the Gunners have yet again ramped up their interest in the Serbian striker on the back of yet another “mishap” that involves him falling off a wall.

Not sure the details there and, honestly, I don’t care to know. But it’s getting to the point where I start rooting for Jovic to do more questionable things, or have questionable things happen to him because it ups the talk that the Gunners are looking for him.

Jovic needs to get his career back on track, that much is clear from his inability to stay on the pitch for Real Madrid. And while these may be “red flags” to some suitors, the Gunners have preyed on such situations before—Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. And it’s safe to say that worked out pretty well. So well that it could transition specifically into his successor. The circle of life.

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It makes sense. The Gunners need to spring a deal, and preying on someone who’s having trouble staying out of the news for the wrong reasons is a great way to try to make that happen.

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