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Rob Holding doesn’t need much to overtake David Luiz

Arsenal’s defense is a battered mess right now, with more questions than just injuries, but Rob Holding could be the savior to alleviate the David Luiz stress.

Arsenal‘s defense has been shaken (not stirred) over the past two matches, and right at the heart of it is who else but David Luiz, who imploded against City, was suspended, and has subsequently been replaced by the long-forgotten Rob Holding.

David Luiz is still going to be suspended for Southampton, meaning that Mikel Arteta is again going to have very little decision-making to fill out the centerbacks. It’s Shkodran Mustafi and it’s Rob Holding since Mari is out for the year and Sokratis is MIA.

For Rob Holding, this is what he’s been looking for and, for the most part, he upheld his end of the bargain against Brighton. In fact, we couldn’t have asked for much more from him in his return to action.

Holding could have crumbled after that first Brighton goal, since he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but overall, he played a full match that he can be proud of, despite the result that negates any pride.

With two more matches to run with, Holding doesn’t have to do much to unseat David Luiz. It was clear, on the return to action, that Arteta already didn’t prefer Luiz. The Brazilian imploded in the friendly against Brentford and he multiplied that against City in spectacular fashion. He just plain sucked and brought the whole effort down with him.

That’s a lot of strikes against Luiz in a very short period of time and no strikes against Rob Holding, who is younger, has more potential, and does more for the long-term than David Luiz does.

It’s hard, because you don’t want to just forget how great Luiz was before the pause. Under Arteta and before the pause, Luiz was dialed in. He was pristine. But as it often goes, the question is “what have you done for me lately?” and lately, Luiz has been a nightmare. And I have to imagine that Arteta would much rather give Holding the opportunity to be a part of this than David Luiz. He’s been erring on the side of youth all year long.

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This is what we want, though. Let Luiz fade away if he can, if that’s what Rob Holding can do. Everyone benefits if that’s what happens.

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