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Chris Richards and 4 other young American talents to buy

Arsenal, Sergino Dest (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

Arsenal is just now opening up to the Brazilian footballing factory, so it’s time to look at what America can offer too. Here are five options.

Arsenal fans generally don’t like Americans. I would know. I know nothing because I’m American. But gradually, that unfounded bashing is lifting, and that’s thanks in part to young American talents like Christian Pulisic getting the world to shut up thanks to being one of the top talents out there.

Seeing as how Arsenal only just started to tap into the Brazilian talent factory via Gabriel Martinelli, it’s also the premium time to go after the wealth of youth talents coming out of America.

Sure, we’ve tried before. Gedion Zelalem was the most recent and that didn’t work out so well, but in the spirit of leaving no rock unturned, America has plenty of talent out there that won’t end up like Zelalem did. The first to be linked in awhile is Chris Richards, the immensely talented young American centerback currently on the Bayern Munich books.

So in that spirit, let’s start our list of five young American talents worth investing in with the man himself—Chris Richards.

5. Chris Richards

Nothing should perk ears more than “young defender.” It’s what got everyone excited about the link to Brazilian youngster Bruno Fuchs, and it’s what should be getting everyone excited about a potential move for American and Bayern Munich youngster Chris Richards.

Favorably compared to Jerome Boateng, Richards boasts impressive athleticism and mobility, which fits perfectly into the proactive, ball-playing style of defense that Mikel Arteta is trying to build at the club. He’s managed to work magic with the likes of David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi, so just imagine what he could do with a fresh batch of eager, talented, young centerbacks who already have the foundation to be exactly that type of defender.

Saliba is one such talent, but so is Chris Richards. He may not be ready right from the start, but give him a few chances and I think we’d all be surprised with just how talented the young man is.

On to a pipe dream at No. 4.

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