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Dayot Upamecano coming around for his third orbit

Arsenal has agreed to terms with Dayot Upamecan for the third time this transfer season. Maybe the fourth will coincide with the window being open.

Transfers rumors suck more times than not. In fact, I’d say they suck most times, because 95% of them are complete garbage, or just aimed at riling up Arsenal fans and getting attention. It’s hard not to think that this is the case with Dayot Upamecano.

According to reports—new reports, I should say—Dayot Upamecano has yet again reached an agreement to join the Gunners, despite being completely off the radar after being priced out of the picture just a few months ago.

Of course, before that, he agreed to join Arsenal. And before that he was ruled out of the picture because he had committed to Bayern Munich. But before that he had agreed to come to the Emirates where he’s always belonged.

Arsenal and Dayot Upecano are destined to be together… or not

It’s that whole deal again. When the transfer rumor forms a kind of orbit. When the stars line up just right, there’s an agreement. But then the orbit continues, he goes out of our skies and into someone else’s, but since the world is round, he comes back again.

The same with every transfer rumor—you just wait long enough and eventually, it will come back around and be in your favor again.

Upamecano’s transfer saga is turning into another Edinson Cavani situation. Although I hope the difference will be that he actually joins us. But even if he does, all that other nonsense, the seventeen stories that preluded his move to the Emirates, would be further proof that nobody knows anything until it actually happens, which is a case Mac Johnson made here on Pain in the Arsenal yesterday.

Of course, we want Upamecano, the guy who also had an agreement to join Bayern. But this whole saga has officially crossed into the realm of the absurd. We have to admit that no one knows anything and until something concrete actually happens, we’re all just watching the planets orbit the sun. Sometimes he will be in line with our targets, sometimes he won’t be. And when he isn’t, just give it time, he’ll come back around again in time.

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At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him stay at RB Leipzig. Then we can go through this whole thing again in January. And then in the summer. It’ll be Alexandre Lacazette all over again.

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