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Three transfer breakthoughs in just two days?

Arsenal’s transfer window is one great big question mark, but if you buy the rumors, that question mark is molding into an exclamation mark.

As we have said countless times over the past three months, there’s really no way to anticipate how Arsenal will approach the window, how much money they’ll have, or what they’ll even need.

But there are certain things that we are pretty sure we’ll need no matter what—a midfielder, for instance. Perhaps another centerback. And, more than likely, a striker for when Lacazette and/or Aubameyang is sold. Which is why we’ve had such strong links to those positions.

Although there have been no great breakthroughs. In fact, it’s been much the opposite. Upamecano fell away pretty quickly, Partey has been hovering around the “needs Champions League” zone and Luka Jovic is waiting for the need to be there, which won’t happen with Auba and Lacaz still at the club.

Arsenal is lining up their transfers ahead of schedule

In the past two days, everything seems to have changed. These three players have gone from either unattainable or “must wait” to breakthrough, breakthrough, and breakthrough.

It started with Luka Jovic. The Gunners were rumored to be ready to stump up a massive deal for the Serbian striker, offering up wages in the £170,000-200,000 range to secure his signature. All signs point to him being well worth it. Just ask me.

This rumor was soon followed up by reports that Arsenal had won the race for Dayot Upamecano. A race that I didn’t even know we were in anymore, but apparently Gazidis and AC Milan dropped out of the race, leaving the Gunners all alone.

Sounds fishy, but hey, until he falls out of orbit again, why not be optimistic?

Then there was Thomas Partey. The main man, the man that I will continue to claim determines the success or failure of this coming transfer window. While it’s pretty clear that he wants to leave, nothing has been said officially, no will it be until the window opens.

And then reports came in that Atletico Madrid had accepted that Partey would leave, meaning all the Gunners have to do is stump up the money to pay for the move and he was all theirs.

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Of course, this wouldn’t come cheap. We’re looking at about £130m of purchases here, but with the right sales, that sum becomes perfectly reasonable. And for the time being, the stars are aligning for one of the most successful windows in recent memory.

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