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Every single reason why Philippe Coutinho is a bad idea

Arsenal, Philippe Coutinho (Photo by Roland Krivec/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

Arsenal is ridiculously tied to Philippe Coutinho yet again, so let’s just go ahead and dig into every single reason why this is a terrible idea.

Arsenal has had a shocking amount of ridiculous transfer rumors circulating lately, and a new one has just hit the news. Against all odds, Philippe Coutinho, currently on the books at Bayern Munich, has found himself yet again linked to a move to the Emirates, just like has pretty much every single year going back to his time at Liverpool.

To be completely fair, Coutinho is having a good year at Bayern Munich. In just under 1400 minutes of play, he’s managed eight goals and six assists. That’s mighty impressive from the Brazilian, and it’s reflective of his controversial time at Liverpool.

And also to be fair, the Gunners do need a creative midfielder to fill in for a hopefully departing Mesut Ozil. Someone has to create chances, and Coutinho does that pretty well.

But even with all that fairness going around, signing Philippe Coutinho remains a horrible idea, and it’s one that is easy to dismiss. Here are all the reasons signing Coutinho is a terrible idea.

7. Liverpool scraps

I understand that you can’t abstain from signing rival players just because they’re rival players, but I really don’t understand the fascination with rumors linking Arsenal to all these former Chelsea, Liverpool, United players. I’m sick of Chris Smalling, Willian, Jesse Lingard rumors and I’m sorry, but for as good as Coutinho can be, he fits in the same mold. For the same reasons I frown at links to Smalling, I frown at links to Coutinho. And while this is just one small piece of why this is a bad idea, we will get into many, many more.

Coutinho’s sale was a huge piece of Liverpool’s boost to success and I just don’t want to bother with him if we don’t absolutely need to and, spoiler alert, we don’t!

On to the next bad reason.

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