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Thomas Partey wants a North London move; can it happen?

Thomas Partey of Atletico Madrid wants a new team this summer; Arsenal reportedly top the list, but can the Gunners make it happen?

Thomas Partey is rightly considered one of the best central midfielders in Europe; as he plays in La Liga Santander, that is a further compliment certainly. While he is a defensive ace, that should not discount his offensive ability in any way; Arsenal would certainly be getting another piece that fits the Mikel Arteta model of player.

But to be certain, this is still a big if; the current global circumstances make larger money signings potentially more hazardous and prohibitive than ever. Arsenal would likely see corresponding moves to lessen that financial burden; many of Arsenal’s bigger names find themselves rumored to be leaving anyway.

With all of this understood, it is worth wondering a few questions; is Thomas Partey worth the transfer? If so, to what extent can he catalyze Arsenal moving forward? Asking how Thomas Partey fits in is equally as important as well.

Thomas Partey: A potentially perfect Gunner

Thomas Partey is certainly worth the rumored £45m fee; if possible, it is superior to the Partey-Lacazette Swap that has circulated recently. For Arsenal, Lacazette offers a ton of talent still, as well as financial potential; watching the mature abilities of Arsenal’s offensive weapons with fluid midfield work under Mikel Arteta could be worth more time if the Gunners can afford it. Otherwise, it might require tough decisions.

Partey’s defensive abilities could protect the ragged backline that will soon be getting William Saliba; keeping Pablo Mari would also be a very useful innovation at the Emirates. But Thomas Partey is much more than another defensive ace of Diego Simeone’s outfit;  he has the proper offensive vision to play across the central midfield as well.

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One can also in vision Thomas Partey being deployed in a similar manner as Fernandinho has played under Pep Guardiola for years as well. Mikel Arteta has had an education from some of the greatest footballing minds of the world; he will lack no creativity in fitting talent in to accentuate his club’s strengths.

What Thomas Partey can do for Arsenal once he arrives, and how he would fit in, are matters that likely prove beneficial to the entire club. Partey has a fierce competitive spirit and has good reason to expect that moving forward. At Atletico, his teams have always demonstrated unusual grit and tenacity no matter the opponent; their Champions League victory against the reigning champions, Liverpool, is the freshest of evidence to this point.

Therefore, aside from the obvious talent and ability on the football pitch, Thomas Partey is likely the invigoration of spirit and aggression Arsenal require in the new Arteta era. Socrates was very much a symbol of that under the previous administration of Unai Emery, but Partey provides a greater infusion of talent, age, and ability, to match wonderful spirit.

The practical effect would be noticeable as well; while it is difficult to surmise who may leave or arrive this summer, imagining can’t hurt too much. While he might find himself in a defensive midfield role, replacing or sharing time with Lucas Terraria, he could also find himself higher up the pitch.

Providing more support for the number ten, whomever that will be,  could be of greater use however. Allowing him the ability to push forward and press, using his talent and athletic ability, could be something that Arteta looks to do as well, if he doesn’t make him a Fernandinho clone that is.

While I think the best place for him is further up the field, don’t be surprised if his talent were utilized more creatively than in Spain. Having ran through the benefits, should the transfer occur, can it actually happen?

Yes; While Arsenal will not be spending tons of money this summer, they will be selling players. This, alongside their always secretive reservoir of funds, should see the Gunners attempting to give Mikel Arteta a real chance for success. Without investing in the club, Arsenal can hardly expect to become much better; news of selling youth must be considered absurd until proven true, for much the same reason.

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Selling youth is no way to improve in football; it’s a young mans game, and while experience is important, youth can do some remarkable things given the trust to do so. Adding Thomas Partey would be a great innovation for Arsenal and if they can do it, they certainly should.

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