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“Atleti were furious at the lack of notice. A senior source described Arsenal’s approach as “incredible”, amid claims the relationship between the clubs is irreparable. Arsenal will say that deadline day is no time for courtesy — it is a time to be bold.” : Gunners

Atleti: refuses to negotiate a sale price for Partey.

Atleti: convinces Torreira to push for a move to madrid while arsenal has offers from italian clubs.

Arsenal: attempts to negotiate a swap deal for torreira with cash and partey.

Atleti: refuses to pay for a torreira transfer, demands a loan without obligation to buy.

Arsenal: moves on to other CM targets, both of which ultimately fall through.

Atleti: partey is not leaving, and continues to negotiate for torreira.

Arsenal: pays the release clause and gives atleti torreira on loan without obligation to buy.

Atleti: super upset that arsenal didnt tell them sooner that they were paying the release clause.

I can’t help but think that atleti are just super salty and ultra cocky. Their confidence is not intimidating.

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