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Top 3 transfer targets from the Bundesliga

Arsenal can answer a lot of questions by buying Bundesliga this summer, so let’s make it easy with the top three targets from Germany.

Arsenal‘s needs this summer have been outlined and detailed ad nauseum—centerback, holding midfielder, attacker. Rinse and repeat. Mikel Arteta has said it and every rumor you can find reflects these three biggest needs.

It’s lead to a lot of promising talk, including the link to Thomas Partey, and it’s lead to some heartbreak, such as Dayot Upamecano essentially being declared for who else but Bayern Munich (and thus removing himself from this list).

Still, the Gunners remain in the market for three very specific players, and they can address all three of those needs by shopping exclusively Bundesliga. More and more the Bundesliga is providing fantastic talent for the Premier League (*cough* Granit Xhaka *cough*) so it only makes sense to go back to the source and find some more.

Say what you want about realism or not, but these three guys are the top three transfer targets from Germany. We start with No. 3.

3. Marcel Sabitzer

I’m surprising even myself by putting him at No. 3. Maybe I’m trying some reverse psychology or something stupid like that.

Really though, Sabitzer has always been and will always be such a tremendous idea for the Gunners. Not least of all because Tottenham are trying so hard to sign him after they were thoroughly eviscerated by him in the Champions League. It would be a double win to snatch him away from them and force them to face him at least twice a year.

While he isn’t really a “holding” midfielder, per se, he has the physicality to play as a central midfielder with that pivot skillset. He’s got 15 goals this year for Rb Leipzig thus far and this has been a regular thing for him over there. He’s been tremendous and I spend at least one moment each day wondering why the Gunners aren’t linked to him more heavily.

Technically, he could be your holding midfielder and attacker, and we all know how much Arsenal loves a bargain.

On to No. 2.

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