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Arsenal Goalbot website : Gunners

As some of you know I created a goalbot for this sub. It was been a fun side project that has allowed me to learn a few new skills (I am not a developer by trade) and give something back to the sub. The entire process of uploading goals, managing data, making updates to the bot itself was completely manual. I found that I had a hard time with the admin side of things (find the goals, clip a video of the goals, find a website that would store the goals, add them to a database for the bot to use).

To make that a bit easier I wanted to create a website that allowed users to view the goals directly or if people wanted to participate they can help me admin things but clipping and uploading goals. I just finished pushing everything to the web and you can go check out goals from this season (www.reddit-goalbot.com)

Right now the site is free to use. I also added a few settings in your user profile where you can say if you want emails when things update on the site, if you want to provide feedback on the site, or if at some point I can no longer afford running the site if you are interested in donating to keep things running. No obligation to select any of these if you don’t want to. It just will help me know who I can reach out to on those categories.

Halfway working on this I got an idea that maybe other subs would like to have a goalbot. I have worked with a few other subs in the past with their goalbot and figured maybe if I can replicate this so other subs can use it. Right now I just have the EPL clubs for this season, more seasons to come…more competitions etc.

Open project – I am going to probably get some questions on this. Right now I am not open-sourcing this project or including any other people on the code side. The reason being I have no clue what the legal ramifications are just yet and don’t feel comfortable exposing anyone other than myself.

Lastly, if you want to contribute to uploading goal highlights please do – there are still some matches for this season that need uploading. I recommend https://www.kapwing.com/tools/trim-video you can easily trim videos for free. Just create a free account with them to remove the watermark and you can download your clipped video all for free. By far the best quality product for this I tested in the past month.

Upnext for the project

TL;DR – created a goalbot it is hard to manage, built a website to help with that and store all Arsenal goals. Also want to let other subs have goalbots of their own down the road.

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