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Arsenal’s youngsters’ contribution in our run to the FA Cup final this year. : Gunners

I was watching the road to final video and was once again reminded how important our young players had been in our run. If we count all goal involvements, goals, assists and pre-assists, almost every goal before the semi-final had that.

Just to be clear the assist and pre-assist definitions used here are just pass before goal and the one before that. not the technicalities of who had the last touched, defender or a goalkeeper etc. is not important.


Goal – Nelson, Assist – Lacazette, Pre-Assist – Pepe


Goal 1 – Saka, Assist – Martinelli, Pre-Assist – Willock

Goal 2 – Nketiah, Assist – Saka, Pre-Assist – Willock


Goal 1 – Sokratis, Assist – Nelson, Pre-Assist – Ceballos

Goal 2 – Nketiah. Assist – Nelson, Pre-Assist – Willock

Sheffield Utd

Goal 1 – Pepe (Penalty), Won by Lacazette from Tierney’s pass

Goal 2 – Ceballos, Assist – Pepe? Pre-Assist – Neketiah & Saka had a great turn and run from the halfway line before passing to Nketiah

Manchester City

Goal 1- Auba, Assist – Pepe, Pre-Assist – Bellerin

Goal 2 – Auba, Assist – Tierney, Pre-Assist – Pepe

I think there is great use for these players as squad members next season. Maybe one or two of them can go on loan, those that haven’t had that experience but overall in terms of squad-building for next season, the “talented youngsters” part of it is good enough in my opinion, the areas we need to improve are the first eleven and competing players in midfield and defense.

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