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At the age of 22, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had scored 16 goals over three seasons of senior football. 248 goals so far in the nine seasons since then – a phenomenal average of 28 goals per season. : Gunners

This is why you should criticise any player under the age of 22 with the massive caveat of “he’s not good enough YET”. There are countless examples of elite players who were written off before they hit 21/22:

At 20, Kane only got 3 goals in the premier league. The year before he was struggling in the championship. It was when Kane turned 21 that he became the striker we know today.

Vidic didn’t get his first league appearance at Red Star until he was 22.

At 22, Mahrez was playing in the second division (Ligue 2) in France and had 10 goal contributions in the league. And at 23, was playing in the championship and had 8 goal contributions with Leicester.

At 21, Aubameyang was playing in Ligue 1 and had 7 goal contributions the entire season.

At 21, Lacazette was playing in Ligue 1 and had 9 goal contributions in the league season.

At 21, Bruno Fernandes had 7 goal contributions in an entire season in Serie A. (He reached that number in 8 games at United this season).

At 22, Salah had 9 goal contributions in his league season in Switzerland.

At 21, Pepe was playing in the third tier in France.

Between the ages of 19 and 20, Mané was playing playing in Ligue 2 and 2 goal contributions the entire season.

Vardy was playing in the 7th tier of English football at 22.

The examples go on, and on, and on…

Nelson, Eddie and Willock are still babies; and at worst we will make a hefty profit off them. But I ain’t writing them off for a couple more years

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