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beIN Sports – Guardiola: “Maybe I learned more from him (Arteta) than he did from me. It was a joy to be with him, I learned a lot. And all the nice things that are going to happen to him, we’ll be happy..” : Gunners

There’s a photo from 2015 of when we played against Bayern, the game had been over for about an hour.

Arteta and Pep were stood on the touchline still, talking non-stop about football. It was Arteta’s final season as a player, and that sight sealed the deal for me that he would be a top coach in the future.

It made total sense as to why Arsene made him vice (and later full) captain after only a year at the club. The man breathes every single aspect of football to an insane level that you only see in the very top level of managers.

The moment the City rumours popped up, I knew for certain he would join Guardiola there. He loves us more than any team I have no doubt, but above that the man craves learning more about the game, and that is an opportunity you can’t turn down if you want to be the best.

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