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Aubameyang Shot Density Maps 2014/15-19/20 : Gunners

Interesting, yes but it isnt surprising. With our slow possession based game we create less chances because we hold the ball when others would play riskier through balls or have a shot. This is borne out is the stats.

We have had 406 shots in the premier league only, which is 15th in the league. We have scored 56 goals. Thats 7.25 shots per goal (spg). Man C have had 745 shots, the best in the league, and scored 102, also the best, at 7.3 spg. Liverpool 591, 85, 6.95 spg. Wolves, the next team above us 461, 51, 9.03 spg.

So this fits with exactly how I see Arteta as a manager. He seems to be a manager who plays a fairly conservative game. He’d rather play a game where we create less chances (15th in the league) but we are more likely to score from them and we have more possession. There is also an argument that our forwards are up there with some of the best, but we are not able to create enough chances. One of my biggest complaints about our current team is that our midfield is not good enough. The number of chances created reflects the conservative game being utilised to suit the not good enough midfield.

The forwards are doing a great job, especially Auba, but this also reflects that although they dont get many chances the ones they get are good chances.

There is one big unknown in this. How many chances would we convert if we took a less conservative approach to attacking. If we created more chances and the forwards kept this level up we could be up there in the league. We are 7th on goals scored and 8th on goals conceded. From that perspective finishing 8th is about right. Improve goals scored without conceding more and we move up the table.

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