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[Corriere dello Sport] Juventus are interested in signing a striker. Lacazette and Raul Jimenez are the main targets. Fabio Paratici also wants to offload Bernardeschi,who could be included in a swap deal with Lacazette. : Gunners

Guendouzi > Bernardeschi

Not the same. Bernardeschi has 1 goal and 1 assist as a winger in 1,500+ minutes of play…. in the most dominant team in serie A. Joe Willock who people regularly bash here has the same output in half that amount of time… as a midfielder… in a team that is.

It’s not even close. Bernardeschi has been trash for Juventus and you can’t deny that. He’s on 120k/pw. He’s also virtually useless for Arsenal. We’re not going to bench Pepe and kill off the playing time for younger players like Reiss. And we’re definitely not going to do it for Bernardeschi. And our latest signing, Willian, was exponentially better at everything in Chelsea than Bernardeschi was for Juve .

Guendouzi on the other hand to Lyon, is

a) Young and good potential

b) doesn’t have high wages

c) Would help fill roles that Lyon will lose if they replace Aouar

Bernardeschi was terrible this season. Guendouzi had a shit attitude towards Arteta, but he is not a shit player and he actually had a decent season in terms of what he achieved on the pitch. Guendouzi isn’t the greatest value player, but his low(er) wages and high potential mean that he would be at least an addition to Lyon. Considering Bernardeschi’s wages and his output, I think you could argue that he would make us worse off.

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