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[David Vinuesa] Torreira’s agent confirms transfer to Atletico was without a purchase option. Arsenal humiliate Atletico’s board : Gunners

Atleti can only spend roughly 25% of the fee paid for Partey’s RC. After a loyalty payment of 10% to Leganes — that’s roughly 10-11.25 Million.

There were reports that Torreira was supposed to come in and be a supplement/play alongside Partey..not replace him. There was rumors that we set a obligation/buy option of roughly 22-24 million.

Yes, we were trying to sell him permenantly…but how things ended up, we guzumped Atleti and now are somewhat to use Torreira more than initially anticipated without a obligation/buy option. More playing time = Torreira’s value will be retained and/or an increase in value based on his performances with Simone’s side.

Think this is a win-win for us. (buying Partey, loaning Torreira and if things turn out well — we can get him back next summer than sell him for a better value than this time around)

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