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Fabregas says he wishes he could play with Martinelli if he had to pick any current Arsenal player : Gunners

To you dickheads slating him:

He went Chelsea because Arsene Wenger CHOSE not to take up the first option when he left Barca. Because he left for Barca? Its his boyhood club that he played for since he was like 7 years old. Loads of players left for Barca that don’t get half as much hate and who were all as important to our club at the time, Henry, Vermaelen, Overmars, Alex song…

Honestly, Fabregas is a former captain, show some respect. I for one would have loved it if he came back to us after Chelsea for a year or two. And I hope Arteta gets him on the coaching staff once he ‘hangs up his boots’ (alongside Cazorla)

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